Hello, my name is Patricia. I am a Catholic full-time mother and provider. A few years ago, I found out I was pregnant. I was struck with grief. We had taken precautions, but failure is a risk. I couldn’t afford another child. So, I began to look at my options. I learned about abortions by taking medicine through websites like women on webPlanned Parenthood, and plan c org .

I had to actually reduce my budget and save for several weeks in order to come up with about 400 dollars.  I was scared but determined. I love my daughter but having another child would mean that she would suffer too. I purchased misoprostol and read everything I could. The websites above and others are excellent and the treatment was a success.

How did I reconcile my religion and my reproductive rights?  Politicians and many religious organizations claim to be “pro-life”.  So am I, but my definition is a bit different. Life as I see it starts at birth and ends in death. Religious groups and politicians that want to restrict reproductive rights are hypocrites. They send women and men to fight wars and die. The church sanctioned wars for centuries and modern day politicians are willing to sentence thousands to death for oil and power. Because I was able to take action, I was able to finish school and provide for myself and my family. Your reasons may be different and that is ok. You don’t need to apologize either.

I am scared again. This time not for me but for all of the girls and women that may find themselves in the same situation I was in, pregnant, scared, and feeling hopeless.  It also scares me to read what is happening today. Our reproductive rights are being restricted without consideration of the long term consequences. In some states, it appears like they are headed toward a real-life Gilead like in the Handmaids Tale series on Hulu.

We are  on a mission to make sure that women can receive the education they need to make educated decisions and keep control of their bodies.